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Triara Xcelorator 594X


CCR Stamina 199S
Triara Unleashed 893U
Joycliff Ruby Jane 129M
Lakeford Network 40L
Bet-An Nanette 23N
Lakeford Saralee 74L


+1,5 +52,7 +86,2 +18,9 +45,3




Birth weight: 35 kg
200 d weight: 400 kg
365 d weight: 623 kg


Xcelorator is a new sire from Canada with fast gaining popularity. He is a bull we expect to be an easy calving specialist and a perfect choice for heifers.

Very rarely do you see a bull with the low birthweight and the numbers of Xcelorator and yet maintaining high growth and good muscling. He is just what we like a Hereford to be. No worries about calving problems and still keeping muscle and growth on a low feed ration.

Xcelorator's pedigree is full of high productive and easy-doing cattle. It's milk, its muscle and its easy calving.


For semen on Xcelorator, please contact us



Unleashed, sire of Xcelorator Nanette 23N, dam of Xcelorator