Large export of Moeskaer-cattle to England



Thanks to A & SG Stevenson & sons, Alvian Polled Hereford, in England for purchasing a large group of top quality cattle from our herd. The group consists of 9 females and 1 bull and is the largest group ever exported to England from a danish herd.







We thanks Alvian Polled Herefords for selecting Moeskaer as the supplier of their new genetics. We are sure our cattle will do well in the UK. 

New herdbull for Alvian Polled Herefords is the 8 months old Moeskaer Pounder 1314 a son of Remitall Pounder. A terrific young calf with muscle, lenght and breeding power.

The females are out of our very strongest cow-families. They are:


Moeskær Ambrosia 1177   by Moeskær Salute 994 x Moeskær Ambrosia 934
Moeskær Rose 1238   by Moeskær Salute 994 x Moeskær Rose 972
Moeskær April 1251   by Moeskær Salute 994 x Moeskær April 1084
Moeskær Keepsake 1283   by Wilgor SQD Big Northern x Moeskær Keepsake 1158
Moeskær Fanny 1294   by CCR Stamina x Moeskær Fanny 1162
Moeskær Krystal 1296   by CCR Stamina x Moeskær Krystal 1062
Moeskær Tracy 1300   by Moeskær Keyman x Moeskær Tracy 906
Moeskær Flora 1302   by DR World Class x WLB Flora 85M
Moeskær Pearl 1316   by Lagrand Reload x SquareD Pearl 37M



Moeskær Pounder 1314

new herdbull for Alvian

Moeskær Pearl 1256

fullsister exported to England

Moeskær Ambrosia 1177

exported to England


Moeskær Tracy 1300

exported to England

Moeskær Flora 1302

exported to England

Moeskær April 1084

daughter exported to England